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Why is your PCI Compliance Important?

Why is your PCI Compliance Important?

You have probably heard the terms “PCI Compliance” and “PCI DSS” thrown around by payment processing firms. While they sound like some sort of computer software or peripheral component, they are not. But, it is important to know what these terms are and why they are extremely important to both business owners and consumers alike.

The term PCI DSS refers to the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard, a list of regulations that are designed to ensure any company who processes, stores, or transmits any consumer credit card information keeps a secure environment. PCI Compliance refers to the following of these regulations during any business practice. Those who are bound by actions within PCI Compliance include any merchants, processing companies, or other businesses who deal with consumer credit cards, regardless of the size of the company. PCI Compliance is vital in every office location due to the sensitivity of financial information being transmitted.

By why should you pay close attention to PCI Compliance? Well, as a consumer first and business person second, PCI Compliance should be quite important to you. Imagine, giving your personal credit card information to a non-compliant organization. The chances of having your credit card number and other personal information released and possibly subjected to identity fraud would be very high. In such a scenario, you would most likely be devastated if a company refused to be responsible with your personal details. As a business person, you can then most likely sympathize with your customers, who are fellow consumers. This reason alone is why PCI Compliance is so important.

What activities are included in PCI Compliance? The answer is simple: absolutely everything. From the way you store paper files to the way you secure email messages, data security and PCI Compliance go hand-in-hand. Be sure each of your employees understands the importance of PCI Compliance and how their role can affect many consumers. Set in place standards for your business to keep PCI Compliance in the minds of every person in your organization.

It does not matter if your business only takes credit cards over the phone, over the internet, or if you have a physical shop location. PCI Compliance and data security are still quite important and quite vital to the activities of your organization. As a consumer and a business person, remember the vital importance of PCI Compliance in each task you do.

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