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Breach Liability Assessment

PCI compliance is not just a requirement, for which the card associations of Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and JCB will fine you if you are not compliant, but it also benefits you as a merchant. The PCI SSC (payment card industry data security standards council) is an organization hosted and populated by industry insiders and watch dogs whose job it is to see into the future and prevent as yet untried methods of fraud. Part of that job includes compiling data from previous data breaches to find out where the weak spots were that the criminals exploited. While we all hear about large data breaches on the news, not as much reporting happens as to exactly how many compromised accounts have actual fraud committed on them.
This is an important criterion since it puts an actual dollar amount of lost revenue. If there are 1000 compromised credit card account numbers and just one of them is used to buy $1000 worth of merchandise, the direct loss due to fraud is $1000. But if there are 1000 credit card account numbers compromised and each one is used to buy $1000 worth of merchandise, the direct fraud loss is $1000000. Your first and best starting point for mounting a defense against hackers and other types of electronic data fraudsters is the PCI DSS (payment card industry data security standard). Use it as a map to chart your course as you strive towards total network and data protection. I say “strive toward” because ultimately, there is no absolute and infallible protection for any data network. The idea is to continually work towards total network and data security since data security is an ever changing target.
Make sure your business is 100% PCI compliant as soon as possible if you haven’t already. You are literally risking the total destruction of your business for not doing the bare minimum required by the industry to protect yourself and your customers’ sensitive authentication data. PCI free dot com wants you to be PCI compliant to help yourself and by extension the integrity of the entire electronic payments industry. Visit our home page right away and find out how to obtain this vital and mandatory certification quickly, easily, and at absolutely no cost to you. PCI compliance is here to stay. Now is the time to educate yourself and do what is right and necessary. Until next week, be vigilant, be knowledgeable and be safe.

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